The World of Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo, a folklore puppetry

Enjoy the world of Kuruma Ningyo and you will discover this tradition not to be difficult but to be easy and approachable.

Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo is a form of puppet theatre created by Koryu Nishikawa around the end of the Edo period. It is called Kuruma Ningyo because the puppeteer sits on a small seat with roller wheels (rokuro-kuruma) and operates the puppet (ningyo). This small seat, and the fact that one person can operate a puppet, distinguishes Kuruma Ningyo from Bunraku, in which three people are needed to operate a puppet. This one-to-one relationship allows great flexibility and realism as the puppet and the puppeteer move in unison. Part 1 is the tragic love story of a beautiful girl. Part 2 is a human drama that shows the feelings of people in the Edo era.

  • Koryu Nishikawa
    Koryu Nishikawa
  • Irifunetei Senji
    Irifunetei Senji
  • Koshiko Takemoto
    Koshiko Takemoto
  • Naoka
  • Hidakagawairiaizakura
  • Bunshichimottoi
Schedule Friday 29 August, 2014 at 18:30
Venue Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall
Icho Hall (Small Hall)
24-1 Hon-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Performers [Part 1] "Hidakagawairiaizakura"
Koryu Nishikawa, Nishikawa Koryu Troup
Gidayu: Koshikou Takemoto
Shamisen: Kanya Tsuruzawa, Kazu Tsuruzawa

[Part 2] "Bunshichimottoi"
Koryu Nishikawa, Nishikawa Koryu Troup
Rakugo: Senji Irifunetei
Geisha: Hachioji Geigishu Nanoka
Ticket Information [Ticket Prices]
¥500(Students under 18)

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