Rakugo, the Traditional Story-telling and the Traditional Dance
by Geisha - Ozashiki Entertainment –Finished.

- Fascinating Ozashiki - fun to listen to, beautiful to look at, singing together doubles the pleasure

The program combines Rakugo, the Japanese traditional comic story-telling with beautiful traditional dances performed by Geishas from three bustling entertainment districts of Tokyo, Shimbashi, Akasaka and Asakusa. Rakugo will be presented by three renowned story-tellers, Shunputei Ichinosuke, Hayashiya Shozo and Ryutei Ichiba. Ichiba, a superb singer, will also show his skills by singing with the Geisha Shamisen players. At the end of the program, the audience will have a chance to sing a typical parlor recreation song together with the performers after being given a short lesson by Hayashiya Shozo. Get a taste for the fun traditional parlor recreation from the Edo era! In the grand finale, the audience can join the stage with all the Geisha dancers and the Rakugo masters.

  • Practice of Geisha performance
    Practice of Geisha performance
  • Ryutei Ichiba
    Ryutei Ichiba
  • Geisha Dance pefromance
    Geisha Dance pefromance
Schedule September 16, 2013 (Monday/National Holiday)
Opening at 14:30, Starting at 15:00
Venue Yurakucho Asahi Hall
Address: 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 (Mullion Building 11F)
TEL: 03-3284-0131
Program and Lecturer Shimbashi-geisha-renjyu, Akasaka-geisha-renjyu, Asakusa-geisha-renjyu, Shunputei Ichinosuke, Hayashiya Shozo , Ryutei Ichiba

Part 1 Rakugo by Shunputei Ichinosuke, Hayashiya Shozo
Part 2 Dance by Geisha from 3 districts of Tokyo (Shimbashi, Akasaka, Asakusa)
    Rakugo by Ryutei Ichiba
    Ozashiki-asobi ( banquet entertainment ) by Ryutei Ichiba with Geisha
    "Yakkosan" lesson by Hayashiya Shozo
Ticket Information

Tickets at the door only

[Admission fees]
Reserved seats only
4,000yen (adults)  2,000yen (students)
*Tickets for wheelchair seats are available at the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee Office
*No entry for children under 6 years old.

[Ticket sales]
•e+ 0570-06-9993 [e-code:031050]
•Asahi Hall Ticket Center 03-3267-9990 (Mon-Sat 10:00~18:00)
•Ticket PIA 0570-02-9999  [P-code:430-635]

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