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Traditional Japanese Music and Classical Dance “Essence of Art Series No. 5 Elegance of Kyoto: Kyoto Dance and the Melody of the Ikkan”
The “true art” will grasp the minds of discriminating classical Japanese performing art fans as well as those who are new to traditional performing arts.

Although the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program disseminates all kinds of traditional Japanese cultures from Tokyo, the aim of the [Essence of Art Series] is to indulge audiences with “true art.” The theme of the fifth event of this series is the “Elegance of Kyoto.” Kyoto has developed a distinctive culture including elegant and sophisticated classical performing arts. In this program, we will present Kyoto dance and the melody of the Ikkan (flute). The audience will be introduced to genuine high quality Kyoto performances that are difficult to see even in Kyoto, including Kyoto dance by Yachiyo Inoue and the flute played by Meisho Tosha.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Opening at 17:00, Starting at 17:30


1. Seated musical accompaniment “Ishibashi”
 Meisho Tosha (flute), Genjiro Okura (hand drum), Mitsuo Yasufuku (stick-drum), Hideaki Nakagawa (drum), Gensho Umewaka (chorus) and others

2. Kyoto dance and jiuta “Tamatori Ama”
 Yachiyo Inoue (dance), Meisho Tosha (flute), Gion Kobu Geigi (song and shamisen)

3. Long epic song “Sankyoku Ito-no Shirabe”
 Meisho Tosha (flute), Tosei Kineya (song), Shoroku Kineya (shamisen)

4. Kyoto dance with Gidayu and Kamigata song “Mosa Junrei”
 Yachiyo Inoue (dance), Komanosuke Takemoto (Joruri), Tsukaji Tsuruzawa(Shamisen), Gion Kobu Geigi (Song and Shamisen)

5. Teuchi “Kuruwa-no Nigiwai” Shichifuku-jin Hana-zukushi
 Cast: Gion Kobu Geigi

Ticket fees

Reserved seats only:
Seat S: 12,000yen
1st class seat A: 9,500yen  1st class seat B: 7,500yen
2nd class seat: 5,500yen    3rd class seat: 3,000yen
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National Theatre (Large Theatre)
4-1, Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8656
● 5 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Hanzomon Station (Hanzomon Line)
● 10 minutes walk from Exit 2 or 4 of Nagatacho Station (Yurakucho, Hanzomon and Nanboku Lines)
* Car park available

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Essence of Art Production Committee