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Traditional Japanese Music “A Wonder Box of Traditional Japanese Music!”
Listen, sing and play--a fun wonder box of traditional Japanese music!

Traditional Japanese music is made up of various elements nurtured throughout its long history including different types of songs, storytelling, shamisen, koto music, kokyu, shakuhachi, biwa and hand drums. It is rich, fun and cool music, but people have less and less chance to experience it in their daily lives. “A Wonder Box of Traditional Japanese Music!” provides opportunities for people to listen, sing, play and perform various types of traditional Japanese music so that we can share its fascination with people.

Traditional Japanese Music “A Wonder Box of Traditional Japanese Music!” Traditional Japanese Music “A Wonder Box of Traditional Japanese Music!”


10:30-17:35, Thursday (holiday), May 5, 2011


● Mini concerts & workshops

(Long epic songs) Touon Taro Yamaguchi, Touon Katsutoshi Tsukahara
(Musical accompaniment) Hyakunosuke Fukuhara
(Tsugaru shamisen) Yutaka Koyama
(Biwa) Tomoka Nagasu
(Gidayu melody) Koshiwaka Takemoto, Tsugae Tsuruzawa
(Huqin) Daisuke Kiba
(Koto music) Shingo Ikegami
(Shakuhachi) Bruce Huebner and others

● Closing live performances

WASABI (Ryoichiro Yoshida, Naosaburo Bihou, Hiromu Motonaga)
URANUS (Tomoya Nakai, Takuya Iwata)

● Schedule
Mini concerts & workshops

10:30-11:30  Long epic songs, music accompaniment
12:40-13:40  Tsugaru shamisen, biwa
14:05-15:05  Gidayu melody, huqin
15:30-16:30  Koto, shakuhachi

Closing live performances  16:50-17:35

● Details
Mini concerts, workshops
 The mini concerts offer a wide variety of tunes from different genres of traditional Japanese music from classics to musicians’ original pieces as well as enjoyable talks, in a relaxed atmosphere. The workshops offer people the opportunity to have a go at singing, storytelling and playing various instruments under the guidance of professional performers.

Closing live performances
 Groups of young performers of traditional Japanese music will come on stage and play groovy and energetic tunes as well as peaceful and relaxing tunes. Please enjoy current traditional Japanese music by listening to the colorful sounds of musicians who are attracting attention for their musical activities which transcend the borders of different genres.
 * Numbered tickets will be distributed in front of the gymnasium 30 minutes before the start of the events and the venue opens 15 minutes before the start of the events.

Musical instrument crafting booth
 A booth will be set up in the workshop venue and visitors can observe the koto making process. Instrument makers will visit the booth and demonstrate the making of a koto, so that you can find out all about the instrument.

Ticket fees

Admission free (advance application not required)


6-12-30,Nishi-shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-8374