Traditional Performing Arts for Kids Traditional Japanese Music “A Wonder Box of Traditional Japanese Music!”
Drums“Summer Concert: TAIKO Drums in Tokyo” Traditional Japanese Music “The Weekend of Traditional Japanese Music”
Traditional Japanese Music and Classical Dance “Essence of Art Series No. 5 Elegance of Kyoto: Kyoto Dance and the Melody of the Ikkan” Shomyo Chant and Gagaku “Jugyuzu and Shutei-ga Ichigu: Creation of New Tradition”
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Drums“Summer Concert: TAIKO Drums in Tokyo”
Why do the simple beats of drums move us so much?

The TAIKO drums now have large numbers of devotees throughout Japan. The simple instruments allow performers to play with freedom to express themselves, which enables local characteristics and drummers’ personalities to show in their performances.
This program turns a spotlight on drum performances which developed in Tokyo, surviving the changing different times in history. With performances by leading professional groups and high school Japanese drum clubs, audiences can experience the performers’ passion for maintaining the tradition of Taiko drumming.

Drums“Summer Concert: TAIKO Drums in Tokyo” Amanojaku
Drums“Summer Concert: TAIKO Drums in Tokyo” Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai
Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai
Drums“Summer Concert: TAIKO Drums in Tokyo” Oedo Sukeroku Taiko
Oedo Sukeroku Taiko


Tuesday, August 2, 2011, Opening at 15:45, Starting at 16:15


[Part I] Shine

Nihon Taiko Dojyo“Ryumei”
Daigen-gumi“Kirameki (Sparkle)”
Amanojaku“Kaiun (Good Luck)”

[Part II] Life
Ryuseigun with X “Jiku (Space and Time)”
Tokyo Metropolitan Hakuo Senior High School “Hakuo Festival”
Tokyo Metropolitan Fukasawa High School “Yumoshin (Intrepid Courage)-Fly High in the Sky”
Hachijo Daiko Rokunin-kai “Yukichi・Hon-bataki(Hachijo-Taiko-bushi)”
Miyake-jima Geino Doshi-kai “Miyake-jima Kami Tsuki Mikoshi Daiko”

[Part III] Footsteps
Kimiko Kawata and Miyarabi Taiko “Miyarabi Taiko”
Sukeroku Daiko “Oroshi Taiko, Shiraume Taiko, Sukeroku Nidan-uchi”
Oedo Sukeroku Taiko “Yondan-uchi”

* Please note that there may be changes to the pieces and the order of the pieces in the program.

Ticket fees

Reserved seats only:
1st class seat:3,000yen (adults),1,000yen (from age 4 to high school students)
2nd class seat 1,500yen (adults),500yen (from age 4 to high school students)
children under 3 years old are prohibited from entry
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall
5-45, Ueno Koen, Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 110-8716
● Park Exit of JR Ueno Station.
● Exit 7 of Ueno Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Hibiya Line)
● Park Exit of Keisei Ueno Station (Keisei Line)