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Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2012  
Essence of Art Series No.6 Edo House Art
Light yet Elegant, a Buyo (dance) Gem Mesmerizes
Essence of Art Series No.6 Edo House Art
Mitsugoro BANDO

Kabuki dance virtuoso and the 10th Iemoto Mitsugoro BANDO, will present the quintessence of Edo Kabuki buyo. In addition to a performance of the forte repertoire successive Mitsugoros have been known for, young, promising Kabuki stars, Kikunosuke ONOE, Minosuke BANDO and Ukon ONOE will also appear.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012, Opening at 17:00, Starting at 17:30

Program and Performer

1.Long epic song “Nanko”
Mitsugoro BANDO
Naokichi KINEYA (song), Rokusaburo KINEYA (Shamisen)
2.Long epic song “O-Edo Ryougoku Hanabi”
Itsuo BANDO, Wakasho BANDO, Misensyu BANDO, Tomona BANDO,
Yukina BANDO, Satoko BANDO, Fukiko BANDO
Saomi KINEYA (song), Kimiko TOUON IWATA (Shamisen)
3.Kiyomoto “Ryusei”
Mitsugoro BANDO, Minosuke BANDO, Ukon ONOE
Seijudayu KIYOMOTO (Joruri), Kikusuke KIYOMOTO (Shamisen)
4.Kiyomoto and Long epic song “Kisen”
Misugoro BANDO, Kikunosuke ONOE
Yoshijudayu KIYOMOTO (Joruri), Kikusuke KIYOMOTO (Shamisen),
Naokichi KINEYA (song), Rokusaburo KINEYA (Shamisen)
Rosen TOUSHA (Hayashi), Yoshio NAKAGAWA (Flute)

Admission fees

Reserved seats only
Seat S:12,000yen 1st class seat A: 9,500yen
1st class seat B: 7,500yen 2nd class seat: 5,500yen 3rd class seat: 3,000yen
*Children under 6 years old are prohibited from entry
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