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Noh and Traditional Japanese Music "Four Seasons of SUDA" Traditional Japanese Music "Risogaku" Tendai Shomyo Chant "Toke Tokubutsu"
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Noh and Traditional Japanese Music 'Four Seasons of SUDA'
Enjoy Noh plays and traditional Japanese music, both classics and new pieces, under the theme of "Sumida River," a river long cherished by people.

The Sumida River which runs through the Eastern part of Tokyo has served as a main artery for river transportation as well as being a favorite fishing spot for bolstering the livelihoods of ordinary people. The river has also been a place of recreation and relaxation, offering opportunities for viewing cherry blossoms and fireworks from boats. Among the various Japanese traditional performing arts which describe the river’s attractions, the performance features Noh plays and traditional Japanese music, both classical masterpieces and new pieces.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010, Starting at 18:00 (Opening at 17:30)

Admission fees

Reserved seats only: 4,000 yen for adults, 2,000 yen for students and children (university students or younger) ※ Preschool children are prohibited from entry.

Ticket sales

* For those who wish to reserve a wheelchair space, please contact the Votre Ticket Center.

[Part 1]    OKAYASU Kozaburo, IMAFUJI Chojuro, TOSHA Rosen, HONJO Hidetaro, KIYOMOTO Shisaodayu, KIYOMOTO Yoshijiro, HAGIOKA Shoin, and others
[Part 2]    UMEWAKA Gensho, HOSHO Kan, and others

Details (program, etc.)    Earphone-Guide will be rented.
[Part 1]    Traditional Japanese music
  Long epic song "Furyu Funazoroi"
  Short love song collection "Okawa Love Song"
  Traditional Japanese music suite "kAwA" (new piece)
[Part 2]    Noh play
  "Sumida River"


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (Medium Hall)
Address : 1-8-1, Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
Access : 2 minutes walk from the West exit of Ikebukuro Station (Exit 2b of Ikebukuro Station leads directly to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space)