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Japanese Folk Performance "People's Life and Festivals of EDO/TOKYO"
Various kinds of Edo/Tokyo folk performance have been nurtured and passed on to the present day by ordinary people.
Enjoy the unique atmosphere and seasonal flavors of local communities.
This event presents folk performances which have been passed on by people in the towns of Edo/Tokyo. Part I presents performances expressing seasonal events and festivals. Diverse activities are shown on the stage including rice cake making, music accompaniment ("hayashi"), a Bon festival dance and a Lion Dance, through which the audience can feel the seasonal atmosphere in local communities. Part II presents the Hoo-no-mai dance with high-spirited voices and drums, and the Ogochi-no-kashima dance which has the character of early Kabuki dance, both of which are government-designated Important Intangible Folk-Cultural Properties that have been passed on in the Okutama area. The audience can enjoy the time-honored performances which are full of the folk flavor of Edo/Tokyo.

Japanese Folk Performance
the Yoyogi Rice Pounding Song
Japanese Folk Performance
the Hoo-no-mai Dance
Japanese Folk Performance
the Oguchi-no-kashima Dance

Part I : the Yoyogi Rice Pounding Song Conservation Society, the Kanda-bayashi Conservation Society, the Tsukuda-jima Bon-dance Conservation Society and
the Ekoda Lion Dance Conservation Society
Part II : the Hoo-no-mai Dance Conservation Society and
the Oguchi-no-kashima Dance Conservation Society

Saturday, November 21, 2009, Starting at 2:00 p.m. (Opening at 1:30 p.m.)

The Small Theatre at the National Theatre of Japan
Address : 4-1, Hayabusa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8656
Telephone : 03 3265 7411
Access :  
  • 5 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Hanzomon Station (Hanzomon Line)
  • 10 minutes walk from Exit 2 or 4 of Nagatacho Station (Yurakucho Line, Hanzomon Line, Nanboku Line)
* Car park available

[Admission fees]
Reserved seats only: 3,000 yen for adults, 2,100 yen for students and children (university students or younger)

[Ticket Sales]
All the tickets have been sold out.

    * Co-organized by the Japan Arts Council (the National Theatre of Japan)
    * Production: Japan Arts Council (the National Theatre of Japan)

Tokyo Culture Creation Project